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big happy family my arse

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Clever, But...

The girl, Marian? Merran? is really pretty in a tragical, classical way. She could play Mary, Queen of Scots, me think.

I found it admirable that even Sam could barely keep his eyes open, and couldn't really sleep either, he could still be 'helping people, hunting things'; and when he was doing that, he was sharp, well, ish.

I wonder why demons were at the hospital. Tracking the wandering healer, yeah, that is not too far-fetched; but in the hospital? Torturing Sam? Even though Crowley doesn't care for them that much right of the moment, he'd be pissed about his subordinates disobeying a direct order, in a do-not-challenge-my-authority-or-I-will-make-an-example-out-of-you kind way.

I am starting to think it's not ghost Bobby, but rather watcher Bobby? I mean, Bobby can probably talk God or Death or SPN writers into being appointed a personal angel or whatever so as to watch over Sam and Dean.

And the trechcoat being all dirty and bloody and looking like it smells like sewage made me really happy.

So, Castiel absorbed Lucifer hallucination, this is how they bring back Cas, but put him out of action, AND save Sam from the psych ward and breakdown, which would lead to candle out. Clever, if one doesn't think about how it could/would work, but somehow unsatisfying.

Completely shallow note: I really like the way you can see Sam's muscles moving under the T-shirt, a damn fine sight too. They should wear T-shirt more. They really really should.