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big happy family my arse

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Sleep Deprivation

I checked with Google about whether or not sleep deprivation would kill people. And found that artificially kept awake lab rats all died, of reasons scientists could not agree on. Mostly, it was stressful.

And, the point is that the longest kept world record of voluntary awakefulness is 11 days, or is it 13 days? I am kinda fuzzy on that. There was this kid, back then, in the 70s, who volunteered to stay awake, and let a bunch of medical doctors and scientist document the process. There was no irreversible bad things that happened, he even beat the research group leader at a game during the time, but some subtle not good thing was happening, which he slept off, literally, afterwards.

So, in anticipation of the coming episodes, I am pretty sure Sammy is gonna be functional. Not that I am going to complain, but I really do have a thing for crazy broken Sam. And am feeling denied.