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big happy family my arse

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SPN things and a thought

Sigh, Sera Gamble is going to step down as the showrunner, and Jeremy Carver is going to take over the role. While I have no strong feelings about Jeremy Carver, I am really sad to see Sera Gamble go. 'Cause season 6 and 7, under her lead, is really a whole new animal; and I, for one, really really really frigging like that animal. Right of now, season 4 and 7 are my 2 favourite seasons.

On the bright side, this probably means there is gonna be a season 8. I mean, why offer a guy a job only to tell him 3 months later that the position is cancelled. I mean, it happens, a lot; but, not in public (hee).

Apparently, Bob Singer the show director talked about getting the story back to its roots, which is saving people, hunting things. It's all well and good, but, I do think without an overall plot line, it's gonna be a season of 'filler episodes', which gets complained about a lot. I don't know how I feel yet, 'cause I got hooked way back then when I realized that OMG, there is a plot line! Anyway, they have been talking about going back to their roots for a couple years by now, I won't believe it until I see it.

I have been wondering why hallucination Lucifer, which is part of Sam's psyche, has been trying to convince Sam to kill himself. Then I think this is probably Sam's self-loath talking. Despite what he said about not feeling guilty 'cause he had paid, he still hasn't done away his self-destruct tendency. And really, his healthy outlook of life is just kinda too healthy, too good to be true.

Come to think of it, Dean is a functioning alcoholic, Sam is a functioning psychotic, such an odd, but beautiful pair.

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de_nugis April 5th, 2012
I share your sadness. Carver has written some great eps, and I'm not pessimistic about him or anything, but I started writing at the very end of s5. Essentially, Gamble's characters are my characters, the ones I've ficced and metaed and talked about. I have some plot issues with her seasons, but I think her characterization has been amazing. I hope Carver is planning to build on what she's done in whatever directions he wants to take.

fourtenpm April 5th, 2012
Exactly! Her characters are my characters! And the big mouth is such a cool idea, too. I have come to accept plot holes as the problem with this genre, not particularly with the show, it's really the characters that matter the most.

Yeah, I hope Carver continue with, at least not abandon, the Sam and Dean we see now.

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