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big happy family my arse

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Call me slow, but I just noticed they, meaning the writers, are working another parallel, besides the Micheal and Lucifer thing they are practically hammering any chance they got, into the stories of this season: how much Sam is John's son.

We all know how Sam can be kinda a psychopath when Dean was gone, just like John the hunter; now they show again how John the mechanic was a sweet guy, like the college boy Sam was 5 years ago. I donot know if it is me thinking too much, but I hope not, 'cause I am kinda fed up with all the analogy between the Winchester brothers and the angelic brothers.

Completely random thought, I feel like the writers are egging the slash community(?) on, what with Dean ask Sam to be his valentine over a dead human heart. It is actually very sweet in a twisted depressed and quite sick way.