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big happy family my arse

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The meme that's Going Around

Most of my friends are iPhone fans, and am proudly brandishing my Galaxy around; and 9 out of 10 people that I know who have an ereader have a kindle, while I have a nook, and loving it. Here I am, being the weird one again.
1. Deangirl or Samgirl?
Up to season 3, Dean; Season 4 saw me turning toward Sam; Season 5, firmly lodged in Samgirl quarter.
2. Casgirl, yes or no?
Not really.
3. Favorite season?
A tie between 4 and 7.
4. Favorite epidsode(s) from your favorite season?
Afterschool special, Jumping the Shark for season 4. 'Cause I just love that little break in his voice when Sam says 'I am not evil'; and Jumping the Shark had me mutter to the screen: 'Oh Sam, what have you become!' When he was going on about how Adam should not have a normal life. See 7, for season 7 favourite.
5. Season you're most likely to re-watch?
I do a whole walk through, so to speak, whenever I got control of TV for a week. So there.
6. Season you hate the most?
'Hate' might be too strong a word, but I did got seriously pissed off by season 5.
7. Favorite episode of the current season?
This season has me squeeing pretty much non-stop, but, I think I like the Bobby episode the best.
8. Least favorite episode from the current season?
Adventure in Babysitting. I really really do not like it when all a sudden, one or both of the Winchesters are incompetent hunter(s). I mean, come on, they are the frigging Winchesters, Crowley dared not to underestimate them, and Dick Roman sees them as real threat. And they need a girl to save the day? Not that I have anything against a girl saving the day, 'cause I am all for that. Just, not like that.
9. Favorite angel (besides Cas)?
Lucifer. Fallen, but, smooth and very persuasive and likeable and so so so very creepy.
10. Least favorite angel?
Zach. Too much a corporate asshole.
11. Favorite demon?
12. Least favorite demon?
The one in the hoodie in Time for a Wedding.
13. Favorite one-episode character?
14. Sam's hair looked best in which season?
I don't know, I am not paying much attention to his hair, as long as it's not weighed down by something, I am good.
15. If the show would have ended the way Kripke wanted it to, with Sam and Dean battling each other and jumping into the hole together (and God might show mercy on them, idk), would you have preferred that?
No, not really. I just don't see how Dean can go from resolved to not say yes to Michael, which had been such a huge part of season 5 (will he? won't he? it got a bit repetitive toward the end), then, viola, he said yes. I probably would have burnt my DVDs if it really turned out like that.
16. Best casted character throughout the whole show?
Excluding J2? Gordon, and Hendrikson.
17. Do you think Chuck is God?
errh, nah.
18. Who's a hotter psychic, Patrica Arquette, Jennifer Love Hewitt or Sam?
Who are the other two people?
19. Freedom or Peace?
I don't think the two things are mutually exclusive. Of course both of them.
20. Dimples, freckles, eye-crinkles, bowlegs, bangs, woobie frowns or jaw clinches?
I really like lines left by expressions, like lagh lines, etc.
21. Favorite kind of monster?
The dead kind?
22. Weapon of choice?
The sickle looking thing that Sam hid from Jess in pilot. It looked so cool.
23. Favorite death?
Sam's death in All Hell Break Loose I. Really did not see that one coming.
24. Favorite minor character's death?
Gordon, beheaded by wire, I got no word.
25. Pre-apocalyptic, apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic?
Pre, I think? not really sure about this one.
26. Scariest episode?
The Benders. It's really creepy, and I hate, HATE it when someone who is supposed to be somewhere just went poof, for no reason.
27. Best song that mattered for a scene? (you can't choose Carry on Wayward Son)
Silent Lucidity.
28. Best and worst young versions of characters?
Best, Colin Ford. Worst, hmmm, Chubby Sam who wanted Lucky Charms.
29. Characters I ship like crazy?
Obviously Sam and Dean; I also ship Sassy when it's all about Dean.
30. Favorite female character?
Officer Kathleen in the Benders, and Dr. Roberts in Sex and Violence.
31. Best and worst season intro and finale?
Best intro, I'd go with Lazarus Rising, it really felt like a physical punch; worst, I'd say 5.1 Sympathy for the Devil, only because that was the first season I watched live, and was underwhelmed by the quick fix.
Best finale, All Hell Break Loose II, 'cause it was quite a contained open end, which is the only non-immediate cliff hanger.
Worst Finale, errh, if I have to pick one, I'd say Lucifer Rising. Just kind of too many loose ends.