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big happy family my arse

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SPN 7.20

This episode is horribly interesting. And brave. The show never not let their characters not do something 'cause they are unsympathetic. Earlier examples are Dean turning into a demon, Sam's demon blood problem. Now it's Bobby turning into vengeful spirit. I really really do like that in the face of poster children for unnatural orders, some natural, errh, supernatural process don't/won't stop for them. This is the thing about the show that draws me in and never let me go.

Dick Roman is such a creepy big bad, scariest when he tries to smile and goes for reassuring. Charlie is so much fun, and paranoid at pretty much the same level as Frank. I guess people do get scared knowing what can be done in his/her field of expertise. Oh, and she had Arwen from LotR the first movie as her wall paper. I like this warrior movie version of Arwen way better than the book fragile flower version.

I have been reading too many meta on deco and colors, and was biting my nails when she was in the office where there are so much RED, hee. But then I remembered, she didn't wear pink, I don't think, which is the color of female victim. ha.

Preview for the next week doesn't bode well, for anybody. Especially Dean, 'cause it's either Dean suffers, or worse, Sam suffers. My inner masochist cannot wait for next Friday.