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big happy family my arse

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All That Feelings

My first impression (from watching on phone) of this episode is that this doesn't seem like an Edlund episode, not one of his better ones, e.g., My Bloody Valentine, anyways. My second impression of the episode would probably be better, it always is. It's not very funny, or gory; but the guys talked a lot, which feels weird. It should be funny that Sam confused the Godly scribe with a transformer, but it felt wrong to me that Sam didn't know. I imagine he has researched the hell out of angels, who they are, what they do, etc. Sure, Joshua the Gardener was kind of out there and probably not documented; but Metatron, God's voice, that he should know. (I know about Metatron, granted that I learned of it form Dogma the movie; still, it means the information is pretty common knowledge.)

And the guys really talked a lot. Sam and Castiel, --- note how Dean called him Cas and Sam Castiel, that was a very interesting detail. Sam has forgiven Castiel, because, I guess, he gets what Castiel was trying to do. Dean and Castiel, playing that I am sorry game. It is also interesting that Castiel was apologizing to Dean, who was no where near forgiving, formally, in stead of Sam. Dean told the new prophet/keeper of God's words to basically suck it up and just deal with what life has thrown at him. He sounded rather tired and resigned, more than pissed.

I like the fact that there are repercussions in heaven about the new God incident.

The next couple episodes should be very intense, from the little blip of the preview.