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big happy family my arse

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More Toughts

Bad jokes aside, 7.21 does have quite a few things that stuck. Someone on my flist commented about this episode that Sam and Dean are washed out, in comparison to their earlier, e.g., season 2, selves. And ain't that about just right.
1, Meg's cause. Meg's speech about finding a cause and serve it really struck a nerve, because she was not talking about some grand scheme, some lifelong goal to achieve, some grandeur ending, but rather a reason to get up in the morning and go on with life. This line, I guess, is especially true for Dean, who has been 'going through the motions' mostly for a long time. The sad thing is, isn't it somewhat true for everybody?
2, Sam's forgiveness. Sam forgives easy. I think that's because he knows about doing all the wrong things for the right reasons, which ended up being a total disaster. He's paid a lot for his mistakes, and his is still paying with his forgiveness.
3, Dean's unrelenting unforgiveness. On the other hand, it takes a lot more for Dean to forgive. 'Cause unlike Sam and Castiel, he, I think, never believes in 'ends justify means'. In the end, means are ends. It took Dean a good part of season 5 to completely forgive Sam, and Sam only broke the world; it would take a lot more for him to forgive Castiel, 'cause he broke Sam.

Side note, I just read through the summaries of this years big_bang, looks really good.