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big happy family my arse

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People Are....

So, there is a picture circulating around the internet, of the Padalecki family, with the new baby. It doesn't actually show much, because it's taken from up above, bird's eye view. It only shows most leg part of a guy sitting cross legged, with a baby, the best kind of chubby, doing tummy time at the crook of his knee, and the guy has a hand around the baby, protective; and a woman lying on her side, her head popping up with a hand and all her hair, which is a lot, fanning out and down. It's a beautiful photo, captured the casual intimacy of the family most perfectly, quietly happy, peaceful and hopeful.

Of course, the problem is that the picture was stolen, i.e., not officially released by the Padaleckis; it's meant only for their eyes. According to Cliff, they are very upset about it. The thing is that the (probably) gal who first (I assume) tweeted on her twitter, in stead of praying to every supernatural being there is for not letting the Padaleckis find out about that she tweeted the photo, has the audacity to go on Jarpad and ask him if that picture truly is of them. The reason why I am whining about this, though, is that this really got me on my moral high horse and cannot click the save button and save the pic. Sigh.

Other news, I managed to sliced my index finger open with a real good knife, at work, while cutting a foam container to make a water bath..... you can really see the difference, where I cut with my knife, where I made do with a letter opener, as I said, it's a real good knife. Then I had to go the the ER and got stitches, 4 of them. It doesn't really hurt, just bled a lot. Sigh, I'd have to go back to have the stitches taken out too. It's such a chunk of time to be just sitting around in the ER.

eta, see comments for full story. and it's really a good picture.
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mimblexwimble May 10th, 2012
Actually, her source was the Padaleckis' photographer, who put it up on his site. People assumed that he wouldn't release it without permission (he's apparently a friend of the family), and so thought it would be okay to pass it around. A few hours later, the photographer had mysteriously taken it down. The person who tweeted it wasn't being intentionally malicious when she tweeted it, or when she asked Jared if it was really him.

fourtenpm May 10th, 2012
oh, this is how it really happened? That makes a lot more sense. For the record, I didn't think it's malicious, I just felt like it's a douche move. Wow, well then, I can go and save that pic then! wee, thank you!

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