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big happy family my arse

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See You Next Season

Well, this is a good episode, starting off with Kevin the keeper being coerced into translating God's words. From then on, it's a race to get every thing. Of course they had to stop at Crowley being trapped by Dick. If I were Bobby, I'd be impatient too, 'cause they get the big-mouth ganking recipe, what are they waiting for? On the other hand, I get why Sam wants to research the hell out of the recipe first, 'cause their track record for ending world ending disasters is one that often gets the world in another world ending disaster.

Anyway, I like them in this episode. They figured out those monster cousins aren't that friendly toward each other after all pretty fast; despite everything, they insisted on getting the boy out of there, which is quite courageous of them. Sam is talking with monsters again, with Dean backing him. They really are on the same page here. I really really like that alpha vampire. He has such a presence. Creepy, but, you know, very alpha.

Bobby is going to be a problem. And I like the shift of attitudes of the brothers. Sam was all optimistic and imagined they could work it out when ghost Bobby first manifested, and now he sees a poltergiest in the making; whereas Dean was telling Bobby 'you should know better than stick around', and now, he is saying 'but it's Bobby!' So very much in line with their character, I am ridiculously happy about it.

So, yeah, next episode, final show-down, should be seriously good. And when the alpha vampire said: see you next season. I'm pretty sure there is a collective happy squee from fans all over the internet. I wonder though, will we see him next season?