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big happy family my arse

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More Finale Thoughts

1, Bobby,
Honestly, I don't like ghost!Bobby story line, though it did generate a very good episode. I don't like it mostly in terms of story telling, it's a branch that get messy, and neither here or there in the main story line, as evidenced by quite a few people questioning what is the point of bringing back Bobby in ghost form just to kill him again, without letting him be part of get Dick (hee, cannot resist) program.
From an independent story point of view, though, I do like this cautionary story of an old hunter Bobby who refused to go when his time was up. One thing I respect the show runners/writers of the show, deeply, is that they are never afraid of letting the characters do unforgivable/unsympathetic things. This here is Bobby's turn, he was turning into a vengeful spirit, and was put out like one. And his surrogate sons had to do that, in addition to buried/cremated him the first time around. Another twist of a little knife in a wound that won't heal. I kinda wish they have explored this a bit more, but, ah well, as long as Bobby doesn't show up in purgatory, I still like this little story on the side.
2, Castiel
As I am instilling the principle 'you made a mess, you clean up' into my boy, I felt such satisfaction when Dean yelled at Castiel 'nobody care s that you are broken, you clean up your mess!'
On the other hand, Casiel has been a soldier who only had to follow orders for thousands of years, and this free will, make up your own mind, make you own decision and live with the consequences has been very new experiences. Dean's Cas your child! has pretty much summed it up. He started trouble, he went into hiding. I mean Sam jumped into the cage thinking he's never getting out, and Dean watched him do it. That is how they paid for starting the apocalypse. Castiel wants to hide behind his new found appreciation for his father's creation? Well, what about all the angels he killed, that one is completely on him.
I hope he got lost in purgatory, which won't happen; just please let not season 8 turn into the Castiel and Dean show.
3, Sam n Dean
Which bring us to Sam and Dean, and the levi crisis. This one is different from the apocalypse in that they didn't start it, in fact, they tried to stop it from happening; and Castiel broke down Sam's wall to counteract their effort. They are not central to the scheme of leviathan, but, they knew they are plotting, hence had to stop it. Much in the same vein as the reason they started to hunt so many years ago, monsters that need killing are out there, they knew about it, they are going to do the job. In this sense, the show did go back to its roots. This, and Dean, and to certain extent, Sam, feel responsible for Castiel, 'cause he is their friends.
de_nugis has said that the emotion between Sam and Dean feels flat for the last couple episodes. Which got me thinking, and I come to the conclusion that that's because they don't have that much issues between them, right of now. They are really at a good place currently, in their brotherly relationship. They communicate with eyebrow, finish each other's thought, work together so frigging beautifully. More importantly, they talk to, and LISTEN to each other. There is not really that much of conflict between them. Dean stopped doing his suicide by monster thing, and Sam appeared to be sane. Things between them are good, and of course that is not gonna last.
Which got me thinking that the first 5 seasons really are a complete story, most of the family issues are resolved. Sam understood John, Dean treated Sam like an adult, not really any family issue worth going on any more. Probably that is why soulless Sam was introduced in season 6, 'cause there have to be new drama/tension.
4, Sam.
It's pretty well known that the Winchesters don't do well without each other, however, that is when the parting was supposedly permanent. Under other circumstances, it's different. Sam did pretty good when he went to Stanford, some two lifetimes ago. And remember Fresh Blood? The moment Gordon cut him away from Dean, his whole demeanor changed, into someone a lot more deadly. Sam, more than Dean, has a streak of ruthlessness under all the niceties, which doesn't show in front of Dean; it should be a sight to behold what he could/would do after the initial freaking out.
5, Dean.
Dean got sucked into purgatory. I have seen quite a few people say it's the same as when he got dragged to hell. I don't quite think so. For when he was dragged into hell, he was supposed to be the righteous man who shed blood, thus break the first seal. In another word, he was important in hell; whereas in purgatory, he is pretty much food. I wonder what purgatory would do to him, how would purgatory change him, his soul? I wonder if the vague season 8 spoiler where they say something supernatural claws its way into the world, would that something actually be Dean? That would be, I don't know, something.