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big happy family my arse

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A Drink for the Road.

[to spare my flist of mothering ramble]I look at parenting as a process of letting go. From a tiny, or in my boy's case, not so tiny baby to someone who is his own person, a mother's thing to do is to let the baby take his own responsibilities. Starting from eating and drinking on his own. Then, some 20 years later, he will be a grown man, like he likes to claim now: I am a big guy! If he is anything like me, I won't know anything about his life. All that I will know is stuff that fits to be known to parents, I won't know if he likes pot, or it doesn't affect him that much; I won't know if he can drink all his friends under the table, but if he takes after either daddy or mommy, he'd be able to; I won't know who breaks his heart, which is bound to happen; and how he grows past it. I hope I'd know the one person, since both mommy and daddy are monogamous kind of person so that it's more likely than not that he is too, that makes him truly happy, but I do know he has to be really lucky to have that. I wonder if I would like him as a person, you know, beyond the fact that I am his mother and have to love him. He should be an interesting guy though, he is shaping up to be the class clown. I wonder if he'd like me as a person, beyond the fact that I am the mom, the all-purpose problems solver and comforter. I wonder what he'd think if he ever realized his mom was/is a fan of this two pretty guys show. I wonder if his jaw would drop if he find out that his mom wrote porn. Yeah, my boy is growing up and I am having a sappy moment. And let's drink to that.

And, on a shallow note, I am subscribing a lot of picture blogs on tumblr, what I did not realize is how pretty they are in screen caps, taken out of context of the episode. I was always too caught up in the story to notice that.