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big happy family my arse

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Big_bang 2012

So, I finished reading nyxocity's story Like a fish out of water. And it's like a good Ben Edlund episode, just substitute the gore with hot hot porn. And of course, happy ending. It's written in a way that is more playful than intense, but the emotions ring true to the core. A very satisfying read.

and riyku's Tilting at Windmills is a good adventure story. It gets the misty mysterious atmosphere going perfectly, however, it reads a bit romcom to my taste, and I cannot help feeling that it could be more. You know, the feeling you get when you see a really good story that can be a great story.

One thing I do not like about the big_bang season is that I am already behind on the readings 3 days in, with a weekend break. And of course the work situation is not helping the matter any. Ah well, I can always cut back on sleep, I guess.