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big happy family my arse

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Am sitting at a little less of 700 words for my SamDeanOTP thing, well, I still got until September to get it to 9k. Just 9 more scenes, and I will be there.

Job market is kinda dry right now, anything that looks good to me seems to have the position filled already. I need to land a job before next September, when my boy starts K. Nod with determination.

Oh, and hubby works for a boss that is completely an idiot and petty, and that person lives a pretty good life. It's just not fair.

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riyku July 5th, 2012
Congrats on your 700 words, a good solid start. I've got an idea; a much different idea than I had at the start and exactly nineteen words written in a document I can no longer find, since I'm not sure where I saved it nor am I sure what I called it.

But you're right about September. Plenty of time.

Good luck with the job search. It's scary out there!

fourtenpm July 5th, 2012
It's easy to keep track if you don't write much, like me. And I use google drive, which use to be google document, to write fic stuff, so that it's harder to misplace whatever I have written.

Yeah, I have heard to land a job usually take an average of 3 years, and I am almost at my second year mark. Something's gotta give, or, we'd finally win the lottery. It could happen, just probably not for us

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