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big happy family my arse

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More Big_Bang Fics

There are some fics that makes you want to sit back and take a moment, be happy that they got written. Here are some that I came across.

It so happened that I just read something by the author of The Lost Boy, so when it came up, I read, and read, and read, until the last line. It's kind of a palace intrigue story, with councilmen plotting and a king attacking. It comes off as real as a fantasy story can hope. I had minor issue with Jared enjoying sex so early in the chapter, which got resolved in later chapters.

Enough of its Glory Remains is a curtain!fic, with a case thrown in. The art is beautiful.

Rattling Your Locks is one of the best slave!fic that I have read. (Two of them are WIP, and one of the WIP is abandoned, weep.) Although I liked the reverse of power at the end, I kind of find it counter-intuitive that it could have happened.

A Prayer for Fire is a very satisfying season 4 AU. The summary doesn't do the story justice though, 'cause I almost skipped this one until I saw one of the writers is one who wrote something that I really really really liked.