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big happy family my arse

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Reading, I Have been Doing That

Just went on a vacation to visit my parents and in-laws, with hubby and baby, well, my boy. Now, I am back and in need of a vacation to recover from that vacation, which I am getting by not telling my boss that I am back in the States, ha.

Anyway, I have my phone and wifi, which are all I need to enjoy the stories:
Superheroes Suck, or, The Unfortunately Extraordinary Life of Jensen Ackles is a very enjoyable read. It also put a new spin on the life of superheros. Very much very fun.

Eldritch City features pretty much elf everybody, and a brownie Chad. It's a fascinating world. The writing of the fic is kind of on the formal side, but I guess that goes with the elven manners (hee). I feel like the prologue could be written in a way that is easier to follow, but the plot all make sense in the end.

The Extra Light Switch broke my resolution of never ever to read a non-AU RPS fic. It's warm and angsty; every character had been an ass at some point, and it's perfect.

(dis)honorable discharm should be --- there is always hoping for more --- the last installment of a trilogy where Jensen is a wizard. It's as enjoyable as the last two stories, and quite a fitting finale with fanfare.

Instinct & Taste is ultimately a story about making a choice. It's a really good story.

New York Eyes, Texas Thighs features Jensen as the Giant's QB. It's a good story, however, I feel like the writer left too much in between time blank. And, there should be more hurdles to overcome for the two to be together; and, [major spoiler for the end of the story] it doesnt feel quite professional for Jensen to retire right when the season starts.

Ghost in the Halls is a lovely lovely story. It's cracky and serious, light-hearted and angsty all at the same time. Quite reminds me of the Startrek remake of 2009.

Don't Ever Look Back is a fic that I did not expect to like as much as I do. It's a Dean/Cas fic, which is something that I don't really care for. But this one get the Winchester brothers so right, and the messed-up dynamics of Cas's huge dysfunctional family is something that I sympathize. John Winchester here, even though he only made one appearance, is rather a good guy. He is absent, for sure; but he also cares enough not to uproot his sons when he sees that they really really want to stay. And I love the soul-searching Dean's done at the near end. Oh, it's a very AU story, where Cas is not an angel, and John is not a hunter of supernatural beings. Sam, Dean and Cas are all in a high school.