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big happy family my arse

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Something that Really Shouldn't Work.

Here is a couple J2 fics that works only because it's supposed to work, and the reason why it's suppose to work is that they are the main characters in a romance story.

Unmake the Bed is a really good story with quite an emotional punch. But still, a prince and a parlor maid don't really make a happy couple. I'm really glad it stopped where it did, hopeful but with doubts.

Open heart Dentistry features a Jensen who really doesn't have much redeeming quality in his character, and Jared whose phobia of dentist gets irritating. They end up together, sort of, because they could forgive a lot for looks, that and they are in a rom com story. The writing is pretty good, the arts are gorgeous.

A different Kind of Knight got Jared as the damsel in distress and Jensen knight in shining armors. It's basically a hostage rescue story, works in the way Leverage works, only on a TV show. It's fun and easy reading, pretty good for a, hum, 13 hour international flight.

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amberdreams August 21st, 2012
I read the first two of your recs - and agree with you. Just thought I'd butt in over here to say that - solidarity sister!! LOL

Now I suppose I should check out the 3rd... oh dear. More to read...

fourtenpm August 21st, 2012
well, it's easy-reading. you don't have to pay a whole lot attention to the plot, there is that. have fun.

jennylynneh September 12th, 2012
If you're going to criticize a story, you should at least get the title correct. It's "A Different Kind of Knight."

fourtenpm September 12th, 2012
sorry I messed up the title of your story.

and sorry if you feel like I'm criticizing your work. I am not. I really did enjoy your story. Unless you intended for the story to be not-fun and hard to read? I read a lot of thriller, and your story happens to fall in my catagory of fun and easy-reading, like the work of the late Robert B Parker. while you probably don't think of it as a compliment, I certainly did not mean it to be criticisms.

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