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big happy family my arse

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Monday Things

1, I think I should be able to manage the OTP challenge, word count wise at the very least. It's been fun to write the thing.

2, Watched the I am Human MV. The music is really not my cup of tea, but the video is fine, and I mean FINE. I don't get why smoking was such a huge thing though. Jared has a weird way of doing it too. It's just a thing some people do sometimes.

3, Had a hair cut the other day, so now it's more or less shoulder length. And while watching that mv, I realized that my hair is probably the same length as Jared's. hee.

ETA, I went for a run around noon, and saw a girl with a wing tattoo in the locker room, another girl got a whole Japanese theme going on her upper arms, and a guy with those tribal design on his upper arm. I work in a medical school, has the conservative tradition turned so much so that it's ok for doctors/nurses/teachers/researchers to sport tattoos now? Pondering.... still not getting any though, I scar easy, and got very much very healthy respect for needles going.