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big happy family my arse

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On Sam Winchester or rather the writing of him

I have been reading a lot of fanfics, as have mentioned earlier, and am a little unsatisfied as to how Sam is written. In a nutshell, in my opinion, he is not written strong enough. Despite his emo-boy status, he is not a girl and he clamps up on anything that truly hurts better than any Winchesters. And he is the one for action. He does research for the hunts, not only because he is smart and really good at it, but also because he is completely OCD and has to be the one digging up information and figuring out how to dispose whatever they are up against. A part of him is very much very my-way-or-the-wrong-way. That and I imagine he doesn't want to wait around to be told what to do. Never the good soldier, this one. He is strong, above anything, like those Greek myth heros; flawed, absolutely; tragical, maybe; strong, without a doubt.

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dime_for_12 February 20th, 2010
That's true. I know for the most part, I fall into this category when writing Sam (although I don't see him that way at all). I think it can be a bit difficult to incorporate everything about him in one fic (because he is strong, and action oriented, but he's also the first to want to express/talk about emotions or tragedy, at least that he sees in others). In longer fics, it's easier, because you have more space, but in shorter, introspective pieces it's easier to get caught up in one facet.

Great. Now I'm going to have to go back through my fic and cringe. /o\

fourtenpm February 21st, 2010
keyword here is enough, adding sheepishly. And every fan has his/her own take on the characters, and I do not pretend my take is more accurate, it is just mine. I also should clarify that I enjoyed reading tnem, they are good fics.

dime_for_12 February 21st, 2010
I completely agree that every fan has their own way of 'seeing' the characters that is different from both the screen and other fans' perspectives; however, I was just agreeing, in the sense that I've actually wondered this about my Sam. I've questioned it, even asked myself, is this anything like the character? Is he too helpless or broken or victimized?

Granted, those worries have never really stopped me from writing him the way I have, but I've had them *g*

fourtenpm February 21st, 2010
oh, so I touched on something you are not sure of yourself. grin. I have not read all your fics, but from what I did read, I do not think you should worry. Sam did not come off as not strong even in the one where he let demon Dean did the unthinkable.

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