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big happy family my arse

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Shiny Stones and Clown

My boy is officially a pre-Ker now, he has homework, which I have been doing a half-hearted job at at the best. Time does fly.

One day when I picked him up from daycare/pre-K, he dug a handful of tiny stones out of his pockets, handed them to me, said:'Mommy, shiny stones, for you!' all so pleased with himself. I had to laugh, 'cause they were just tiny little pebbles. But as TT mom said, at least it's stone, and shiny.

Yesterday, right before he left, he told a joke that was completely not funny, and everybody laughed just because he was so into it. He got hyper and made silly faces. So I said: 'you are shaping up to be the class clown!' He answered: 'I don't want to be clown, I am scared of circus!'

Kids are really fun, right before they aren't.

eta, my posting date for samdean_otp is oct 22. Still have a month to work on it. I don't know if it's a good or a bad thing.