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big happy family my arse

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Sad Song for a Little Kitten

There are quite a few cats roaming my neighborhood. Some are outdoor cats, wearing cat collars; most are homeless. Our backyard is the territory of one big cat, its fur such a dark brown color that it's mostly black. This spring, we saw this cat lying in the sun with a very pretty tabby, in black and yellowish gray strips. Last month, this tabby showed up again in our backyard, with a black kitten.

The kitten was cute, always doing all the kittenish things like prey on its mom's tail. It was wary of big people though. Whenever we went into the backyard, it went through a hole in the fence that we share with our neighbor to somewhere we couldn't reach.

Last Monday, when I was getting myself and my boy ready for work and daycare, respectively, I heard the kitten cry. It was sitting in a patch of sun and crying for its mom. The tabby didn't show. The kitten kept on crying, and the mom never returned. By Saturday, the kitten was so weak that I almost caught it lying down in our backyard. It scrambled away at the last second. I went back home, found a few pieces of meat and went back out. The kitten meowed at me from behind the hole in the fence. I fed it through the hole. There was the bottom part of a paper cup that was cut very shallow on its side of the fence, obviously, the neighbor was at least giving it water. Sunday afternoon, I put out a couple chicken wings for it. However, it didn't touch them. Sunday night, my boy was playing in the bath, while I told hubby how the kitten didn't eat the wings. Then I heard it cry, and said to hubby, 'Listen, it's crying for mom again.' Hubby went out, two minutes later, he came back with the kitten.

I cleaned out a cardboard box, made it a temporary home. It drank some water, but still didn't eat anything. The eyes had a lot of yellow-greenish discharge. I found my boy's eye drop from when he was a baby and applied that to the kitten. That cleaned the infection in the eyes right up, and I could see that it has yellow green eyes. It acted more like a little puppy: when it cried, I picked it up and scratched behind its ears, and it would just lie in my lap and melt. But, it was obvious there was something wrong with it. For starters, it was cool to the touch. My memory of cats are that they are very warm. This kitten was barely the temperature of me palm. Then it didn't eat, when I forced fed it a bite of canned kitten food, it threw up.

I found a vet's office that opens on weekends the next day at work. When I got home, it already passed on our kitchen floor. It was face down, with it's four legs sticking out, as if they couldn't hold up the body weight and just caved. That day was particularly gloomy, dark grey clouds blocking out the sun and wind strong enough to tear down branches from trees. I can only take comfort in that its last days were warm and out of the elements, and that when it cried, it got scratched behind the ears.

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toady2moo September 21st, 2012
You did your best and at least the kitty knew love for it's last days

fourtenpm September 21st, 2012
yeah, i know. it's still sad. we think the kitten being sick is the reason why the mom abandoned it though.

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