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big happy family my arse

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Interesting, first impression of Supernatural season 8

So I just finished watching the premiere, and general impression, Sam is thin, his hair is long; Kevin makes a really good preppy boy; [the rest I will put behind a spoiler cut.]Dean is harsh, hurt that Sam didn't look for him; pissed that Sam quit hunting; cannot see straight from all the fighting for survival he had done. Of course he also said 'abiding love between us (Sam and Dean)', but purgatory must have lifted some of his inhibitions. Yeah, right. They both look kind of faded, which I appreciate, 'cause they should not be the same 2 brothers to take on the world 8 years ago.

Benny the new character is actually very interesting. And Sam said: 'There was a girl, now there wasn't.' Past tense. It sounds like his girlfriend deal has been over and done with for a while.

Lucifer made an appearance in the road so far section, hopefully that signified that that line is not completely dropped. And a lot that they, actors and writers and show runners, had talked about in the interviews has already happened in the first episode, so I am thinking they haven't talked about stuff beyond the first few episodes.

I am tentatively liking it. This is an episode with too many plot lines. Each one of them seems interesting, and I think what Carver said about developing new myth arc for this season actually makes sense after seeing this episode. So far, I am good.