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Thoughts, I Have Them

So I just watched this clip of Jared talking about season 8 Sam, which leads to some personal enlightenment.
[Concerning season 8 Sam]
1, It's the lack of anger that is showing. Sam in 8.01 seems smaller and diminished and subdued, all I got is something is lacking. Then bam, Jared said it, Sam is not angry any more. I didn't realize how much Sam's anger has defined him as a person. He seems less alive, more defeated, even depressed. I don't necessarily think it's an improvement yet.

2, What Jared talked about, the different places where the brothers are at, with one retired from the life and sorta happily living a peaceful life and the other coming dragging him back to that life, this sounds a lot like a typical Hong Kong action movie set up. I might have seen one too many of those movies, which actually, you see one, you see them all; although, some are better than others. Anyway, the point is, beginning of the story, one brother (blood or brothers in arms, doesn't matter, actually the latter is more common, in Hong Kong action flicks), who is more often than not fresh out of jail, goes to find the other brother who reluctantly agrees to do one last job. The following hour and half are usually filled with all kinds of gun fights, angst, more gun fights probably some car chase too, and brothers mostly back together. I'd be very happy if that is the storyline of this season. 'Cause, that is a lot of action and quite some angst, and most importantly, brother bonding.


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