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big happy family my arse

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More Speculation

There is a small possibility that I am reverting back to Dean!gal. Now that Dean is all action no remorse, and so so damaged.

[Inspired by 8.02]Things I like, Sam and Dean are communicating with their eyebrows again. Their dynamic is quite interesting, Dean is stone cold and violent; and to think he used to be the one who was scared that he'd do anything for his father and brother. Back then, at the bottom of his heart, he was not as ruthless as John or Sam. Now, he really doesn't seem to care. Purgatory changed him more than hell did, I guess because he never had to justify killing in purgatory, now that he is back in civilized society, in line of violent work, it's hard to adjust. Nevertheless, I'm sorta relieved that he did not stab Mrs. Tran.

Mrs. Tran is a fun dragon lady. I don't get why the Show had to play with single mom's libido. Crowley said something about Kevin's father being scandal, didn't he? Like the demon in Lisa, called her names for sleeping around. I'm feeling insulted for Lady Macbeth, it's not like the worst damage a female can do is to sleep around. But anyway, it's fun to see Mrs. Tran bullied her way into the company of the Winchesters and scared the pawnshop guy into providing information. And I have a feeling that she actually planned and executed the vanishing act on the Winchesters.

And Sam, reverse exorcism by reciting the text in reverse. I really really do not think Sam did no hunting whatsoever in the year that he said he quit. 'Cause a year of disuse of a foreign language, heck, native language for that matter would really show if one uses it again. Sam obviously had done something. He did say that the reason he quit had nothing to do with a girl, although there was a girl, and I believe him. So what I think is that Jared doesn't know what happened to Sam the past year either, he says what he says at interviews because he was figuring out the motivation, why Sam acted the way he acted. He doesn't know beyond the scripts that he had. Remember he said he played Sam the way he did in Pilot based on a backstory that he created that Dean stole Sam's girl at one point? So I am completely disregarding whatever he says at any interview, until I'm proven wrong. Anyway, I like it that as Dean's violent tendency gets stronger, Sam's watchfulness gets quieter.

Of course I don't get why everybody just stood around instead of picking up the tablet, other than the obvious reason that it would be too easy for them. That is kind of sloppy plotting. But, still fangaling.