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big happy family my arse

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SPN 8.05

So, I am back to civilization after 2 days of going without electricity, of course the first thing that I do is to watch the show, and by god, what an episode!

First, the Benny parallel, to Sam, who else? As Benny told the story, he ceased to be what he had been after he met his girl, then he was killed. He came back for payback, but ended up realizing what he loved about the girl was dead. Remember the line from the premiere "There was a girl, now there wasn't."

Man, the way they are shooting Sam's flash back is creeping me out. I keep waiting for a monster of some sort come out from somewhere and start doing monster-y things. But I guess that was a big draw of the so-called normal life, when the fan makes a noise, it's because of something mechanical but not a ghost or worse.

And I love how Sam stole a car in like half a minute, and rushed to where Dean was hacking vampires. And the cold fury when he realized Benny was a vampire and Dean shook his head for a no-chopping-this-vampire.

I like Benny, his lazy southern drawl. Benny and Dean, they do got a lot in common, they are both adjusting back to a life they no longer know. And Dean is better adjusted one of the pair.

And I like it that Sam seemed to be the one with more of a black-and-white view of monsters this time around. He was so ready to kill Benny, and from the last episode, the first thing out of his mouth was to track the girl werewolf. I really like this newish dynamic that feels so familiar.

I'm happy.

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counteragent November 2nd, 2012
I was happy, too! Yay.

fourtenpm November 2nd, 2012
I'm kinda giddy still, from the watching.

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