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big happy family my arse

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Some Thoughts on SPN 8.06

* Sam's hair is very distracting. He doesn't have sex hair, he doesn't have morning hair, his hair is just naturally smooth and layered perfectly whenever, whatever he'd done/been doing, where ever he is; his shiny soft nicely styled hair is distracting me from the plot!

* Now, this episode feels like a cross between Asylum and Sex and Violence. Good thing is that at the end of the episode, they are honest enough to admit they got problems with each other. Bad thing is that Sam threatened a divorce, which happens in most if not every marriage at some point. And Dean honey, jealousy is not a good look on you; you too Sam.

* At least they are talking. To each other. Though not listening, not really.

* So, first, a couple married for 37 years; second, business partners; 3rd, sheriff and deputy; and last but so not the least, brothers on different side of a war. Show has never been subtle, but, this is like the summation of all the possible parallels crammed into one episode.

* Amelia got a even stronger Dean vibe.

* Seems like Lucifer hallucination story line is dumped.

* Dean still holds a grudge against Ruby, what happened to 'blanket apology made and accepted' from the episode where Rufus died.

* Rufus, I miss you.

* Garth is the stablest, most mentally-balanced hunter on the show, that's how he is still alive. Pls. keep on living.