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big happy family my arse

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So I have been reading up on spn 8.06 reviews, what I found interesting is that it seems like a consensus to add 'yet' to how Benny has never betrayed Dean. I'm leaning toward that he won't, not if he can help it. Because he does has his own life... or un-life, erh whatever. If their lives don't get entangled so much so that no compromise can be made, I don't see that betrayal to happen. 'Cause they, by they I mean those characters on the show who are not the Winchesters, do not exist to fuck up/aid the Winchesters. Well, the angels and demons do, that's why I always feel that storyline is kinda sorta melodramatic. And this is actually one of the motivations for my OTP fic. People see them, 'cause it's impossible not to, but people do go on with their own lives, which the Winchesters are hardly ever a part of.

Also, I heard that people should prepare for heartbreak next Wed. Guess I am kinda sorta glutton for punishment since I am even more intrigued.