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big happy family my arse

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A Few Things

* Kevin now is giving off revenge for every wrong done to me vibe, which is never good on the show.

* I really like how Mrs. Tran described their semi-hunter life as not a life at all. 'Cause that was how the Winchesters had lived, not a life at all.

* I am more convinced that she was the one who sneaked both Kevin and herself out of the auction house at the end of Tiger mommy. The way they are going with Kevin, she is probably the one to pull him back from going down a dark-ish path.

* I love her little smirk when she showed up with a demon in her car trunk.

* So purgatory was/has been Castiel's cage. I like it that Castiel is taking responsibilities for what he did, taking a page from Sam's book.

* Most importantly, 'everything is not your responsibility.'/'you cannot save everybody'. These two comments seem to me to echo from Sam's 'people always die'/'they are fine'/'why do we have to save them' comments from the premier. I wonder if this is how they are setting up to let Dean lay down some of his baggage/burden he has been carrying around for ever. Maybe they heard my complaint and decided to develop Dean's character?

* Sam and Dean are a lot nicer to each other this episode. Probably the short period of going out of the way to be nice to the other a couple usually have after a huge fight.

* Dean's instinct is good. Something is really not right.

* On the other hand, I don't know how I feel about them being the focal point of celestial attention again.