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big happy family my arse

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A few years back, I happened to pick up a book by Katharine Kerr, one of the 15 books of her Deverry Series. Of course I got sucked in that fantasy world of Deverry, inhabited by elf, human, horseskin, dawf, spirits and Gods. The story is about a few bound souls throughout thousands of years. They reincarnate, at every recycle the souls get more dignified. I really like the reincarnation idea, give you a chance to finish off unfinished business from the previous life. It also explained, if you believe that kind of thing, why you like some people while hate others at the first sight, without getting to know them. The books in this series, like Harry Potter books, gets thicker with each installment. I got a feeling that it is not the same story, not quite, the author started so many years ago. The last book is out this year, the characters found peace at the end of the story, which is a little anti-climax, not that I got anything against it.

I got the same feeling for the Lord of the Ring. It starts with enough disillusion, goes on to some sort of battle grandeur (I so do not think the movie did justice to the one where Eowyn smote the ring wraith, and riders of Rohan, so fair, yet so terrible, for that matter), and ended so weary. Weary but hopeful, in the sense that people do get small comfort from normal everyday life, when there is normal everyday life to live. I love it how when Eomer found his uncle dying on the battlefield, he wept; and when he found his sister's body laying close, he went battle crazy; later, when he learned that she lived still, he again became someone with something precious to lose ---- T.R.R.Tolkein must know the feeling, I do not see how otherwise he can deliver such powerful feelings with so few lines.

However, the point is, when a story is written over a long span of time, it bounds to change. Sometimes, it just took a life of its own, and all the writer needed to do was to put the words on paper, this kind of writing high is a bliss. Most times, the writer changes with his/her life experience. That change shows in the work. Yeah, by now, I am thinking about the Show, it is been five years, it would be surprising and disappointing if things are still like they were back then. Back then was dark enough, now they, I mean the writers, are really in a tight corner. I am all excited to see how they are going to dig themselves out of the hole they dug themselves into over the years.

Honestly, though, for TV characters to get me so emotionally invested, it never happened before, and I imagine it will never happen again. Kudos to the Show. 

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dime_for_12 March 3rd, 2010
Katherine Kerr!

I'm actually on the second-to-last book in the series, and it's sad, because I was a young girl when I started reading and now I'm in my 20s...I don't know. I can't believe the series is coming to an end, and yet I can see in the writing where it is ending.

I'm going to enjoy the last leg of the journey, though, and maybe a few months from now I'll get up the courage to read the whole series back-to-back!

fourtenpm March 3rd, 2010
Young girl, now you are just making me feel my age.....

You know where I picked up the book, the love triangle, or square?, among Maddyn the silver dagger Bard, Princess Bellyra, Prince Maryn and Lilly. I missed my train stop because Bellyra was jumping and I was weeping. I'll never forget the parting words from Cullyn to Jill, under the blossoming apple tree.

One of those Christmas or my birthday, I am going to get me the whole series as the gift.

dime_for_12 March 3rd, 2010
I started it with Daggerspell (and for a while I thought it was the only book *shakes head*). When I realized that wasn't so, man. I think Cullyn's remained my favorite character - his honor was just so sharp and tarnished and he was so desperate to keep it. Awesome.

all I need is the very last book. It was at the bookstore, but I'm too cheap to buy the hardback, so I've got to wait 'til it comes out in paperback!

fourtenpm March 3rd, 2010
You know, I actually like his last incarnation Gerran the best, only because that life is a lot happier, and easier. And that character is just stunning! The way he faced off the dragon.... Flail like a real fangirl.

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