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big happy family my arse

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Actual Anvil

There were actual anvils dropped tonight on the show, only I couldn't figure out who the speech Sam delivered in the dream space was relating to.

He said something to the effect that one cannot hide in dreamspace, which would only deteriorate and destroy the person. Who was he actually talking about? himself?! How many of the fans would bet that Amelia got the phone call from the supposedly diseased Don the same time Dean made it out of purgatory? (I would!)

I am kind of touched that Castiel listened to the speech, 'cause someone damned well should and Dean obviously cannot hear what Sam has to say just yet.

There is just more questions every time Sam's flashback pops up, and no answers, so far, yet. And I am kind of touched that Amelia's father recognized Sam as a veteran who had seen too much and was on the run.

Not a fan of Cas, but I really like him in this episode. So, the next one is going to be the last one this year. I shall say, it's a good year for spn.

ETA, I think Amelia is real, what I think that's really important was what Sam's dreamworld about. You know, I think it was pre-Amelia, he was lost somewhere and had to dug himself out, before the thing destroyed him.