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big happy family my arse

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So, I have been watching Merlin, right now, am up to season 4 episode 4. And am getting annoyed by it, kind of. For one thing, the plot has more holes than swiss cheese. Like, everybody sleeps super deeply, not waking up even if there are people snooping around in their bedroom, errh, chamber; of course, how come the bed chambers are so easy to get access to? And the dungeon, and the vault, are so easy to get into and out of. Of course, the main thing is that I'm not hooked enough to overlook all the holes.

I actually like Arthur more than Merlin. 'Cause despite his tendency of being an arrogant prat, he cares; and it's not like he doesn't feel afraid, he just never let himself show it; and he is willing to lay down his life for his people, and he won't let other people die for his mistake; and he is willing to face certain death to go down swinging, protecting his people. I don't really believe in noble nobleman, but come to think of it, way back then, it did require quite some personal strength and charisma to inspire people to follow and battle and all that war thing. Arthur here, in one word, is a believable leader. Although unbelievably gullible. I mean, an uncle who he hasn't seen for 20 years shows up one day, and he trusts him with his kingdom? facepalm.

Merlin, on the other hand, remind me too much of Harry Potter. He is so very arrogant in his own ways, and he won't learn from past very bad experiences.

And what's up with Morgana? She was troubled in the first couple seasons, and I can understand why she turned against Uther. I expect her to be not as good a person as Arthur, the minute she refused to go back to Camlot with Merlin even when she knew people were going to be executed because of her. But I was expecting more of a conflicted character, like the time she schemed with someone to assassinate Uther, and couldn't go through with it. But no, she just turned against the people she grew up with and the place she grew up in like that. Since season 3, she is just all evil smirks and no reason behind it.

Anyway, I don't really understand the witches in Merlin in general. I mean what's the point of being all powerful and live in a cave with a lot of spider web? Cannot they magic themselves something more comfortable?

And, out of curiosity, I have seen fangals' angry letter about SPN making females villains, what with Ruby and Lilith and Eve; has there been equally angry letter about Merlin villains? So far, they have all been women. Just wondering.