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big happy family my arse

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True Love

I'm up to Merlin season 5 episode 6, when Gwen was driven into the dark tower, and the knights and the Once and Future king were having a heart to heart at the camp fire. I stopped, kind of time for bed. Then did a last round on the internet, found a few SPN captions, couldn't resist and opened up the last spn episode. Gotta say I was entranced almost immediately.

My one true love.

Am watching big_bang sign up post. One afternoon, it got 7 pgs of replies already. Amazing.
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gateslacker January 13th, 2013
I adored Merlin. It was my obsession pre SPN. Trying to avoid the spoilers for Merlin, series 5, is what prompted me to "discover" Supernatural in the first place. I watched it, initially, as a distraction.

The last two episodes of Merlin are some of the best ever for this show and I loved Merlin and Arthur in them. I feel they did the relationship true justice.

But, I was left feeling bitterly disappointed, too, so much so that I may never be able to watch it again. I've never been in that position as a fan before.

fourtenpm January 13th, 2013
Yeah, it is a great show, it's all very undertone, but powerful, e.g. Arthur's love declaration: I have not loved another. And the most important thing he ever said to Uther: you had your turn, now it's mine.

I really like what they did with Arthur's character development, from a spoiled prat with a good heart to a true decent human being, the once and future king. Merlin, for him, is the voice of his conscience, which he listens to. Merlin is important to him because he can trust Merlin to be unimpressed by him, not because the magic and power, which he actually doesn't find out until literally on his death bed.

Merlin, on the other hand, become more confused by his power. I kind of feel bad for him, 'cause whichever cause he chose, he could be wrong. But the problem is that the foundation that he based his choices on is ever-changing. In there, really lays the Arthur's bane. I mean, if he had always followed his heart, he'd not consul against magic out of the Disir's cave; if he had followed cold hard logic, he'd let Mordred, and for that matter, Morgana die.

Anyway, it's great drama. With a lot of plot holes, but great drama. hee.

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