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big happy family my arse

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Huh, That was interesting

[Quickie thoughts on SPN 8.10]
1. Well, kudos to the writer, they didn't do it corny. I mean the Amelia end of the story. I like the line "then we will know" a lot.
2. So Dean ditched Benny for Sam. Which is kind of weird, considering what he has been saying about Benny.
3. Kevin is turning out to be a 'prat', to borrow a word from Arthur.
4. Naomi is probably the Heaven equivalent to Crowley.
5. Am not surprised by Sam's choice, he is the kind of person who you give him an inch, he... gives you all. That and he really cares about Amelia and decided that he is not good for her. And Castiel is in some sort of trouble. My Sassy heart approves.
6. Poor Benny.

7. I'm usually not the person to notice things like that, but tonight's music choices seem Asian/new-age-y.