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big happy family my arse

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Dead Horse

I am up to season 3 in my rewatching the Show program. Yesterday, it was Dream a Little Dream of Me. It still creeped the hell out of me when one second Dean was running in the woods, the next he got trapped in a hotel with woods-patterned wall paper. The face-off with himself, however, after all these time, starting to sound pretty old. Two years ago, long before Famine the horseman came into the scene, Dean was pronounced broken and dead inside already. Now he is just.... more broken and deader.  

I get it that it is fun to take a character that is all rough and tough on the surface apart, and show how broken the inside is; but the problem is, the Show has yet to put him back together. It is the putting back together that shows the strength of the character. People fail, from time to time, in life, but mostly, with or without help, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and go on, hopefully a little bit wiser.  This has happened to Sam, although a lot of it has not been shown. Whereas Dean is still moping, teary eyes casting toward the sky, asking for help from whoever he had in mind. And I cannot feel his pain, or rather, his pain doesn't pain me anymore. Besides, there is too much of a good thing. Soon enough, I'd forget that Dean is a great hunter and just remember him as the guy who is always weeping. I mean, come on, I know Dean is stronger than that, just show me already.

And I think I get why Sam can resist the temptation of demon blood, 'cause it is not the blood he craves for the most, it is the power, it is the control he has. I like it when he goes all alpha and dominant, what a man! 

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dime_for_12 March 9th, 2010

Now he's just...more broken and deader


...just remember him as the guy who is always weeping.

yes, I think this is the main problem with Show, now. It's like, enough's e-friggin-nough already.

fourtenpm March 9th, 2010
hehe, our online pattern are freakishly similar, not that I have anything against it, at all.

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