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big happy family my arse

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[More thoughts on spn 8.10]
On Dean ditching Benny. On the one hand, poor Benny. I like him, and his southern charm. However, he did kill Martin, even if he acted in self-defense. But, I don't know, there is a quite a few choices in between come chop my head off to I am ripping your throat out. The most obvious one being separate Martin from his knife and call the police and disappear before they show up. Anyway, he went with his instinct and killed Martin. This, for Dean the hunter, should be the deal breaker, hence end of the line. For Dean the bro, it's hard. I don't really think Dean ditched Benny completely for Sam.

As to Sam staying with Dean, of course he would. What other choice does he have? He'd not have left in the first place, if he was going to stay with Amelia. However, I do want to note here that Amelia and Sam together are more like roommates than anything. Weird.

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counteragent January 18th, 2013
Yeah, I'm not seeing the Amelia/Sam, and I so wanted to. I think the IDEA for her character was excellent.

fourtenpm January 18th, 2013
they actually looked more intimate when fully clothed and had all those angsty talk than the post-sex angsty talk.

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