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big happy family my arse

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Dean kill me now

What Show are they Watching

Apparently, to some viewers/fans, Sam and Dean are in an abusive relationship, with Sam the abuser, whose love for Dean is non-existent. It's really mind-boggling. I mean I get it however much I liked/disliked an episode, someone else was gonna have a different opinion. It's a good thing, 'cause in addition to seeing people liking an episode that I didn't like made me feel better about the show in general; seeing people disliking an episode that I seriously liked with a reason often offered something new, more perspective and most times, more information to chew on.

Then there are metas that just make me wonder exactly what show are they watching? Facepalm.

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gateslacker January 30th, 2013
Yeah, there's some odd takes out there and I often wonder if I am watching the same show these other people are.

Yeah, I can take different perspectives on the show and the characters but I can't abide the haters; folks that have such a skewed take on the characters whereby one cannot do anything right and the other does everything right. That's just not real and true to life. And maybe I am being unfair by saying this but I believe that you can be a Sam girl or a Dean girl or a Cass girl or you can prefer whatever dynamic you like, but it is a requirement that you buy into the boys relationship as vital to the show. That doesn't mean that everyone else can go take a hike because, seriously, you could not have sustained this show without bringing in other important characters, which I even feel that you must have some level of fondness for as well.

I guess what I a trying to say is that you can have your favorite character or dynamic without hating on everything else and it is crazy cakes to expect that your favored agenda is going to be the focus of every single episode. Puh lease.

But, yeah, I try to avoid the haters because they bring me down and, if toxic enough, can affect my enjoyment.

fourtenpm January 30th, 2013
sigh, exactly. I'd de-friended both Dean and Sam fans 'cause their pov are just, too much. I am seriously too old to argue fictional characters over the internet, I will leave that to younger and braver souls. hee. Just hope there aren't any more spew of hate that claims to be meta.

gateslacker January 30th, 2013
There's meta and real discussion and there's seeing whatever the heck you wanna see, no matter how far fetched. I've read some negative takes on character motivation that I find interesting,even though I don't ascribe to that viewpoint, but the writer makes a well thought out case as to why he or she feels that way.

And then I've read totally ridiculous crap that is just veiled hating on one character or another.

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