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big happy family my arse

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In which I am the odd ball

[SPN 8.12 thoughts]It's a really good thing that my flist are practically vibrating with happiness about the episode. 'Cause it IS a good episode. Just I got problems with it.

1st, recon. I'm fine with stuff/person that's always been there, without specifically being explained, e.g., the amulet that's been gone since Dark side of the moon, trickster who turned out to be Gabriel (that, I raised an eyebrow at, but hey, it could work.). Mary being revealed as coming from a long line of hunters, it's shocking and brilliant, because it makes sense, especially it explained what she was sorry for in season 1 episode, home, when she said to Sam that she was sorry. Bobby became uncle Bobby, from someone Dean befriended casually when Sam was in Stanford, that is something else, which I am willing to let go, 'cause, Booby. But John as a legacy, man of letter, that is kind of laying it on too thick for me.

2nd, daddy issue. I mean, come on, it's been 8 years. We are still working on daddy issue? Dean's attitude is kind of weird, so he was pissed for John that John's father never returned. Well, that I get, kind of ... when I am thinking beyond annoyed disbelief that the Winchesters are a line of man of letter. But where does he get the, errh, whatever he has to jump on judging? It's like he occupies the moral high-ground, and can pass judgement on ... everyone. This version of Dean is Dean at his most unattractive. That speech about John keep going reminded me so much of Dark side of the moon.

3rd, I don't have a third. Ah, well. Ah, I remembered, one angel feather? In their trunk? I'd think the car is big enough so that Cas doesn't have to ride in the trunk, and shed feathers, apparently.

This episode started in Normal, IL. I cannot help but think, well, if Sam ever wants to find normal again, just point him to somewhere in the great state of Illinois.