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big happy family my arse

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Holy ....

[Trial and Error squee]Man, this is one great episode. For some reason, reminded me of Croatoane. Maybe it's the reverse of the theme, rather than if you die, I die; here it is if I live, you live.

The fighting was excellent; the way they figured out the case, even better. And they talked, and meant what they said. Ah, dear de_nugis was right, the conversation that was promised happened here in this episode. And the conversation was as good as it gets.

Little things:

1, there are dates shown, so probably today on spn is actually today.
2, how adorable was it that Sam took the burger with him, dinner on the road.
3, the girl who ran the farm, she had a slightly Spanish accent, I don't know, just curious, does Idaho gets migrate farm hands? I need to check up on Cider House Rules again, and see where that story took place.

I need to have a rewatch, as this moment.

In conclusion, if being a legacy of Men of Letter means this, I guess I can, you know, overlook the retcon. Happy sigh