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big happy family my arse

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A Thought

First, let me get this off my chest, I still think man of letter legacy is ridiculous, well, maybe ridiculous is too strong a word, but you know, the sentiment. It's just too much. I like them better when they are just mostly regular guys trying to fight something too big. However, if that legacy provides the batcave, I think I am going to let my grudge go. Just, they, by they I mean the writers and showrunners, better not let the batcave burn down or explode, or in any way or means destroyed before the grand finale of the Show.

Second, I'm gonna bitch about shipping, Destiel shipping in particular. 'Cause I don't know what possessed me to subscribe to a bunch of Destiel shipper blogs, and the way they are shipping the ship, is making me want to burn the ship. It's like they are laser focused on this one thing, Dean's sexuality, and makes every decision Dean made about his unrequited love for Castiel. Obviously, Dean turned down Ellie's invitation for a one night stand was not because that he was on the look out for a hellhound, but rather his love for a certain angel; and the way he said "I can't" was not because he was preoccupied with the hellhound, a creature that had dragged him down to hell, and had killed Jo, but rather his love for a certain angel. I mean, seriously? seriously?!

In true honesty, I think the relationship between and among Sam, Dean and Castiel, it transcends sex. It doesn't need sex to be strong or stay true. They understand each other on baser level than sex, and a sexual relationship between and among them is perfunctory. They are bound together more than any physical relationship could bound them together. To force a sexual aspect to it is trivializing their relationship.

Of course, in conclusion, ship and let ship.

And lastly, let me come back to the thought, in which I finally get and kind of is making peace with the fact that Sam did not look for Dean in that year, and he did more or less play house the whole time he was off. (I still don't completely think so, but, I'm making peace with it until new cannon reveal proves me wrong, and pls. let cannon prove me wrong.) It's like the thousandths time I am reading Dean's speech in a gif set, and he was saying: I want you to have a wife and kids, and grow old, while I am dead. (paraphrasing) And I thought, no he couldn't do it, don't you know already? Then I realized, yeah, Sam actually did. He made a life, sort of, with a woman who had so many Dean characteristics that it was not even funny, for that year when Dean was in purgatory. So of course, Dean would think Sam could carry on without him, and this time, it might actually be true. And of course Sam would not let Dean go on a suicidal mission, and he would drag Dean with him to the end of the tunnel. This is actually stunning character growth, which makes me want to weep. Because Sam was only coming back to life after kind of straightening things out with Dean from being so subdued in 8.01, he could carry on, but he was living half a life. Clutching my poor heart.

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ash48 February 19th, 2013
Oh here here. *nods* Er, except for the Men of Letters. I kinda really love that turn of events. Yeah it's out of the blue and a huge leap but I am rather smitten by it I have to say. It bringing about the batcave is massive icing of the cake.

But yes yes to Dean knowing Sam could now live without him. Probably not completely happily but he does know that Sam could. It IS a great step forward. Now Dean just has to start believing in himself and there will be even more progress made. But little steps are better than none. I love anything that sheds some light on that first half. And if it was about that then I can accept it all just that little bit more.


fourtenpm February 19th, 2013
Yeah, I know, I mean, I think I know some people who aren't impressed with Man of Letter; but, I think I am probably the only one who got a little pissy about it.

I think this season is going to be one of those that when all is said and done, in retrospect, it would make so much sense.

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