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big happy family my arse

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Today I dressed the baby in his Elmo top. He is growing out of his clothes way too fast, he won't fit into this one coming fall, I wonder is there a place to donate baby clothes?  When I dropped him off at the daycare, his little classmates are having breakfast in their red chairs on the low tables. I got him out of his red and black spider jacket, and Elmo is playing basketball on his top. Jabril, who is turning 3 and talking a river as young as a year and half, twisted in his chair to look at the commotion, and literally gasped: "Elmo!" ah, little people are a funny bunch. 

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dime_for_12 March 12th, 2010
I don't know a specific place, but we give our clothes (my nieces' stuff and even our own) to the local battered women's shelter, since they will use it for themselves or resell it in their shops to support the shelter.

Maybe you have something like that around your area?

fourtenpm March 12th, 2010
thanks. I'd look.

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