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big happy family my arse

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Little Things

I'm starting to think that I am kind of abnormal, in viewing taste, which is normal, for me. 'Cause I liked spn8.15 just fine, better than the Man of Letter one, a lot better. I got nothing on meta front, here is just some passing thoughts:

1, James looked like a midget, standing next to Sam and Dean. I wonder how much work the director had to put into getting the three of them into the same frame standing up.

2, The whole time Sam sounded congested, I was wondering if it's Jared getting down with something, but in the end, it was Sam coughing up blood. Or probably both?

3, I like it that Sam is repeating Dean's sentence now. Last episode, it was: he has had worse; this one: it was pretty hot.

4, So they moved from action heroes and were argue about the three stooges now? Good to know that they are having fun together. 'Cause if I know the Show at all, that is going to get interrupted very rudely pretty soon.

5, The Winchester's history with the law enforcement officials is not in favour of the officials.

6, Sam coughing up blood and say "I'm good" reminded me so much of the first few episodes of season 7.

7, Dean said he was 100% behind Sam, but it sounded to me like he is like 51% behind Sam. I see more argument coming up once the blood coughing thing become known to Dean.

8, I wish they'd done something more with the soul-bound thing. 'Cause, Portia and James souls were melted into one and unbreakable; parallel to Sam and Dean's soulmateness?

I really liked this episode. And Sam is a magnificent man, and Dean is this guy who you love to hate, and cannot help but love.