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big happy family my arse

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Winchester Witch AU

Let's say Dean is a warlock, and Sam is the familiar who finds him. And the animal form of that familial would be... a moose.

eta, since when killing a witch requires a spell? I always have been under the impression that a head/chest shot is good enough. Or they, particularly Bobby, did more research after meeting Patrick, the warlock who bet years; and the witch couple from Shut Up, Dr. Phil.

I rewatched this episode tonight, still liked it a lot. And the end of the shifty eyed Sam, who insisted he was good, and thought "so not good", made me think of these two caps, stolen from the lovely caffienekitty

This is what I'm gonna call Sam's "I'm not sure if I can do this" face,

And to make it a pair, this is what I'd call Dean's "I really don't think you can do this" face,

when they firmly stated the exact opposite.