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big happy family my arse

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The Greeks

It's a pretty fun episode, erh, for the Show, I have to go back to books again, to see why Zeus hated Prometheus.


1, The law enforcement officers this season are being awesome. This sheriff believed in zombies, and told the boys to use head shot. For a second I thought he was a hunter, but, then he let "the civilians" to deal with the zombie problem, which ruled him out as one.


2, "Who do we know fight Jason Bourne style, dies a lot, and has a history with violent women."
This is kind of a low blow, coming from Dean, but, also accurate. It's funny because it's true, and sad.


3, Sam tried to prep Dean for his untimely demise once again, Dean was having none of it. Sam was to have a normal death, of natural cause, when he was old and bald. My poor heart.


4, Dean knew Sam was hurting, which means Sam's distracting Dean with a zombie tact is not exactly working. And Distracting-Dean-with-a-zombie plot, I think, I have seen in fanfics. The line between fannon and cannon keeps on blurring.


eta, when Dean prayed to Cas, asking him to look after Sam, I want point out that's the same guy who let Sam out of the panic room, the same being who broke the great wall of Sam. His track record of looking after Sam is really less than stellar. But I guess right now every little thing helps. And I feel the same regarding the news of the return as regular of Misha, the Winchesters need friends, even those with complicated history.

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gateslacker March 1st, 2013
The law enforcement officers this season are being awesome

Now that is the truth!! They have had some really off beat law enforcement types during this second half of the season and I've really enjoyed that! I really, really loved this one with his zombie killing advice. ROFL.

I'd like to discuss more but I am totally wiped and just cannot string together any of my thoughts coherently. Maybe this weekend I'll be able to actually contribute to discussion.

fourtenpm March 1st, 2013
yeah, Dean was all zombie was not real! the sheriff went yes it was! so funny.

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