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big happy family my arse

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The Show has always been as subtle as an actual anvil, however, sometimes it does sneak something in. Like when Artemis got the Winchesters pinned to the wall (I was really remembering Jared's talking about playing being hold up by invisible force as oppose to being tied up at Parley, and sniggering and missed the scene the first time around.), and Zeus started announcing the horrible fate of the little boy. Artemis kind of averted her face and slightly narrowed her eyes. Clearly, she did not agree with Zeus. And Sam was watching it playing out like a hawk, while Dean was pinned to an angle where he could not see. I think that was where the trash talk to the goddess came from.

And she showed up with a knife that could actually kill gods, for a goddess of hunters who knows that Prometheus was condemned to die everyday to eternity, this was an act of kindness, and maybe love.

This, I think, was a goddess who had thought about it for thousands of years, and came to her conclusion, that "you were my father once, now you are just some guy."

Still, did they have to have every women walking and running in high heels? that clicked? She was a huntress, for heaven's, no, Mt. Olympia's sake, there was no need to announce to the prey that you were here, now was there?