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big happy family my arse

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You Know You've Been Reading Way Too Many Fanfics

When a joke about male rats being pregnant got a mpreg tag in your head immediately, and mistook annual for annal with a casual glance. facepalm.

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big_heart_june March 7th, 2013
*grins and high fives you* :P

fourtenpm March 7th, 2013
and I have the strongest urge to write "because of reasons" when explain why people should gimme money to do what I need to do at work.

big_heart_june March 8th, 2013
omg YES! I'm soo with you!! ahaha! I've had people look at me funny when I said "I can't even" :P

dimeliora March 7th, 2013

fourtenpm March 7th, 2013
it's funny 'cause it's true!

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