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I did not realize Sam is only supposed to be 26 years old. Makes me think of Queen Mary of Scott.

At Jus in Belo now, I like the blond Ruby so much better. She got a ton of attitude, and I like girls with attitude, but not rude. Main point is though, the Show did a terrific job taking Sam apart. He was starting to question every single decision he had ever made that led to the deal. The making of the deal was not his fault and completely out of his control, but of course he'd like to think it was 'cause that means he could have done something as opposed to there was nothing to be done. They are really not good at letting go, them Winchesters. Sam was set up to fall, and he was going to fall so hard.

And then I realized that the Show is actually doing a decent job piecing him back together. He admitted that he got problems, he developed this understanding of John and could forgive what John's life style choice did to them, and he chose to be locked down for demon blood detox. All these showed character strength and growth, he actually learned from his mistakes and got wiser, probably sadder and more realistic. How I wish there are more Sam stories on the Show.

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dime_for_12 March 13th, 2010
I agree - blond Ruby was awesome. She was actually one of my fav characters, and I was upset when she died at the end of s3 (or, you know, not died but was unable to possess that same body or whatever *g*). And yeah, I think Sam's deconstruction and subsequent scrabble back to something recognizable is being awesomely written/portrayed, and I just wish more time was given to that and not Dean's Tears Of Utter Manly Pain *le sigh*

/end bitchy rant.

fourtenpm March 15th, 2010
I thought the whole point of a LJ journal is so as to rant/gush/bitch the heart out?

dime_for_12 March 15th, 2010

yes, maybe, but I don't know if it's polite to spew it all over someone else's LJ....even if we have freakily similar ideas about Show >;D

fourtenpm March 15th, 2010
errh, ain't complaining, so go on spew....

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