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big happy family my arse

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I hadn't realized that I could watch the show online when I was visiting our families, and watch the show I did, thanks to my brother-in-law, the internet bringer. So I am feeling underwhelmed, unimpressed and nonplussed about the latest 2 episodes, especially trial number 2, to quote paraphrasing a line from a great meta by the very talented maenad Hell lost all its dignity the moment Sam checked his watch at the mouth of it. It really did look like a regular funhouse kind of haunted house at a tourist trap. This lack of imagination, coming from my Show that did Dream a Little Dream of Me, is crushingly disappointing. Even the excellent execution couldn't make up the fault in structure. Maybe the Show is running its own course, and I sorely miss Sera Gamble. Because when comparing season 6 with season 8, which is a fair comparison, season 6 is still vintage Winchesters; whereas season 8 is not really making much sense.

Sigh, this is the only show that I watch regularly; think i will continue to watch until the day it's off air. It's just almost as sad as watching one's parents getting visibly old year by year.

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gateslacker April 16th, 2013
I liked it. I like it that Hell is depicted differently every time. I didn't find it any more underwhelming than Dean on the rack and Sam's red tinged world of hooks and chains. And I actually thought that girl saying, "is it you? I knew you'd come" over and over was one of the creepiest scenes ever. And it made me so sad for her, too. I tend to see it much like the SPN Heaven is depicted; that it's different for everyone. Perhaps being locked up in a dungeon unable to do anything and chained to a wall was Bobby's version.

I did think that there was too much going on for one episode and that Kevin's nervous breakdown could have waited but I loved all the other character stuff that went on.

I have recently discovered that my perception of the number of episodes I would rewatch does not match the reality, as I discovered recently as I watched with a friend as she caught up. I kept thinking that there were more that I didn't care to see again than there really were.

Season 6 had some amazing arcs and some amazing eps but, to me, nothing compares to just how much the Campbells' arc made no sense to me, not to mention that I never, ever cared what happened to them. I do think that Crowley and Naomi make better villains and seem to make more story sense than Eve and the Leviathans. (Except Dick Roman. He was a great character)

I suppose it's always a bit of each to his or her own but there are a fair amount of duds in every season. And I am sure it has been pretty difficult post season 5 cause, yeah, what do you do after that! But, I've been pretty impressed that they managed forward momentum. To tell the truth, I'm just always a bit taken aback when someone loses faith in a whole season based on a couple of eps that didn't work for him or her. I mean, unless I've missed something, I've gotten the impression that you have enjoyed a fair amount of the eps. Now the show is just sad? Say it isn't so! (I'm not trying to be inflammatory and hope this isn't coming across that way. Rather, I'm still loving it and am all "noooooooooooooo" if someone else is not similarly feeling the love. LOL)

I do understand, though. Sometimes you just lose interest whether you want to or not.

But, I do know that you can't be spoiled for this show. Ever! I was spoiled for this season more than any other and, no matter that I think I won't or that I don' have any, spoilers lead to expectations. I have gone cold turkey. It's really been killing me trying to avoid the virtual explosion on my flist today.

I need group therapy. Do you think they give out Spoiler Sobriety chips?

fourtenpm April 16th, 2013
Spoiler Sobriety chips are good chips. I'm avoiding spoilers too, and since my work blocked lj, it's going great. So, if you really really really want to stay spoiler free, turn off the internet is the way to go... hehehe.

I think I am odd in the sense that I liked a lot of episodes that nobody is particularly fond of, and disliked a few (MoL) that everybody loves. For me, one major pull of the show has always been what they can come up with on their pretty small budgets, their concepts of purgatory was cool, so I can live with it being this woods. They have never been explicit about Hell in a long stretch of time, the chain and hook version was mostly just a flash, done in seconds. And I honestly think the way Sam twitching his nose when the hallucination was first starting a lot more creepier than when he saw hooks and chains in red.

Season 6 has problems with the myth arc, but in hindsight, it's Castiel being desperate to gain power, stroked up a deal with Crowley for the souls,which, when thinking back, has been pretty consistent. This season, hopefully, will turn out more of a whole story when all the episodes are shown, but....

Anyway, I will keep watching until the day it's over, so, there is that.

gateslacker April 18th, 2013
I have the internet at work, though I am sure LJ is blocked. I've actually never tried to check in at work because I never have time for it. But when I do have time at home........

Yeah, it'd be pretty boring if we liked the same things (though I bet I'd watch way more TV because there would be more that I like if that was the case, dontcha think?)

I did really like the MoL and felt they killed off paternal gramps way too soon. Maternal gramps on the other hand.... Actually, I liked meeting Samuel when he was first introduced and felt that he could have been more interesting than he turned out. I just did not buy his motivations for what he was doing in season 6, though.

It would be easier to just not look at any of the communities but I don't want to cut myself off, either. And I am still spoiler free. Yes, I did like Castiel's arc in season six and I like how his arc mirrored Sam's. Sure there were some important differences but they each started out believing they were doing the right thing.

I agree that Sam's reaction to those hallucinations was the more interesting aspect. And I thought Halucifer was some pretty inspired storytelling and I LOVED those scenes.

And I guess that is still it for me. The good and the just plain FANTASTIC totally outweigh the "meh" for me and even in what I consider one of the worst episodes ever (MBFwB) there were a few great and insightful character moments.

And even if the story grows stale, I don't think I will experience the heartbreak with this show that I did with Merlin because I do think, for the most part, this show tends to put character first and I don't see that just changing. (Whereas Merlin, for example, ended up making absolutely no sense in the end. Character was totally sacrificed for the plot and the desire to hang on to the "secret" aspect of Merlin's magic. The entire journey of the characters was meaningless. The epic fail of Bobby Ewing in the Shower made better sense! Do I sound bitter?)

I think the characters have progressed in a totally realistic way. Sure, I was not happy that Sam did not even try looking for Dean. That doesn't mean that his actions made no sense because, given the past, they made PERFECT sense. I don't always agree with what Sam or Dean or Castiel have done but I can usually suss out their motivations or see how it really tracks given the past. Heck, even the MoL episode really brought home to me why John was the father he was! And I just love that! I love how the dynamics of their relationships; how they react in any given situation is ingrained within them no matter how much they struggle to react differently. They often make the same mistakes with each other, over and over, despite their intentions. Even so, you can still see growth and fresh insight, too.

And isn't that how we all are? Don't we all fall into the same bad habits or harbor the same insecurities no matter how often we work on reacting differently or being better. And, then, don't we all have times that we just "get it," too?

So, yeah, didn't quite mean to get so chatty. You'd think I'd post some of this stuff in my own journal now and again. LOL!

fourtenpm April 18th, 2013
I actually don't have a problem with Sam not looking for Dean, I have a problem the way it's been depicted. I like the Amelia character, at least the concept behind her, up until the writers tried too hard to push her as the normal life that Sam has always wanted and never gotten. It's not that soapy.

Then again, Sam left her, before he even knew that Dean was back. And exactly what did he plan to do with himself? I mean, I get it that Sam has reasons, plenty good ones, to not want to go back hunting; but longing for a normal life just kind of don't cut it. I could get behind the idea that he just wanted some peace and quiet, some creature comfort, simple things like knowing for sure that he was not going to die bloody in the near future. I'd be totally fine with that. But to pitch the chaotic none-supernatural related life as the ideal version of a normal life, that, just, no. To quote Meg "I laughed, I cried, I threw up a little in my mouth."

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