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big happy family my arse

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2 Bones to Pick: SPN 8.21

It has a lot of good brother moments, and Dean touching Sam to reassure Sam and himself. But,

1, If you are aiming to lower the body temperature of a guy, you don't dump him in an ice bath, you use lukewarm water, preferably set at a little lower than normal body temperature.

2, I am going to be seriously, and very very very pissed if the trials are "cleansing" Sam.

Castiel is one cunning angel; Kevin is smart (in AP); Naomi is formidable, and angels can be bought, I just wonder with what, too.

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ash48 May 2nd, 2013
Re no 2. I'm thinking this is more about Sam's perspective on what he thinks it's doing to him rather than what it is actually doing to him. We know and Dean knows there's nothing wrong with Sam. I don't think Sam knows that though, so he thinks it's trying to change him.

Though I also think they are probably going down the route that it's actually going to clean out the demon blood and that this change will probably allow him to do something that will close these so called gates. Maybe his "new" blood will cure a demon?

Hmmm...all a bit curious.

fourtenpm May 3rd, 2013
How do you "cure" a demon? I want to know. If they are going with the SPN mythology, where demons were all human once, being tortured into twisted black smoke; how do those "frigging Winchesters" untwist them back into human soul. And given Dean's "demons I get, people are crazy.", which is sadly kinda true, I don't know if it's even a good thing....

Anyway, hopefully next Wed would bring the answer.

etoile_etiolee May 2nd, 2013
As a nurse, I know too that luckwarm temperature is the best way to lower one's body temperature, but in extreme case, cold water and ice can still be used. Also, since this fact -about luckwarm water, isn't that known because 20 years ago, a cold bath was still what was recommended, from Dean's perspective, he probably learned that way.

I guess...


fourtenpm May 2nd, 2013
I got that piece of information when I became a parent. Sheepish. hee. Well, it just looked pretty shocky to be dumped in ice water, when having a fever.

etoile_etiolee May 2nd, 2013
It is. What it does is that it causes the body to shiver, and that rises the temperature, but yeah, in extreme case, it can still be use.

gateslacker May 3rd, 2013
I think there is a difference between cleansing and purification. The idea of purification has an important biblical history. Aaron's two sons died because they weren't prepared to enter into The Most Holy Place where God's presence resided in the tabernacle. They burned the wrong kind of fire before God and died. If someone entered into the place without following the instructions to the letter, they would die. God struck Uzzah dead because he touched the Arc of the Covenant without being prepared and he touched it for a good reason.

And none of these folks had Demon blood. ;)

And if these are trials set forth by God it is very logical that Sam has to undergo a purification of some sort. I would expect that anyone who undertakes the trials would have to do so.

So, I tend to really adore this because it fits the SPN mythology of God, Angels, and demons as well as ties into biblical history, especially the Old Testament.

And I hand waved the ice thing. Sure, it's not how it's typically done but Dean did say he had a temperature of 107 and we're talking death levels. You'd want to lower that ASAP!

fourtenpm May 3rd, 2013
Wow, I didn't know that. The old testament God is one scary god. Good reasons for purification. Gotta say Sam in need of being purified made me irrationally angry, but, legit reasons are legit.....

gateslacker May 3rd, 2013
Yes, my mind always boggled when reading it but there are reasons for it such as failing to respect God's holiness and lack of obedience. But I'm no scholar and it still seems harsh.

But I do agree with you. I think that Sam's redemption came when he leapt into the cage with Lucifer. End of story. The idea that he needs to do something more is just not right. Aside with my take on Sam's purification, I do think it's Sam himself who maybe (probably) still sees himself as tainted. If this is the case, then I think it is something Sam needs whether we think he does or not. It's not that the writers or Dean or anyone still see the boy with the Demon blood. It's that Sam still sees himself as Azazel's demon blood child, Lucifer's vessel, and the person who started the apocalypse.

He achieved redemption. Maybe now he seeks absolution?

fourtenpm May 3rd, 2013
Sam thinking that he needs being purified is instant heartache, which leads to my irrational anger. Hopefully Show would go with this is what Sam THINKS he needs, rather than something he actually does need, except for the smite-y old Testament God reasons.

Anyway, Metatron hasn't made closing all gates to Hell sound like a super great thing, so I guess there is season 9 storyline. It's rather ironic that achieving one seemingly great goal almost always leads to a worse situation.

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