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big happy family my arse

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Wow, Shit

Well, this is kind of intense, especially they killed Sarah --- Sam's killing peen continues to work, long-term even! horrified laugh. I guess the sacrifice they will make the next episode would be all the people they saved? The thing that let them sleep through the night, like what Dean had said 'forever' ago, we are screwed, at least we can help other family so that they won't be screwed (paraphrasing). This plan of Crowley is kind of genius; and I like it that he continues not to underestimate the Winchesters.

I like it that Dean is cheerleading Sam now. Of course he cannot just leave Sam in the state he is in right now; and Sam is becoming weak, physical weakness often has great impact on mental state, he looks positively like he cannot take it anymore. Anyway, there is Dean to catch him.

Speaking of Dean, he is still pretty harsh toward Castiel. Guess he is hurt that Castiel did not trust him, more than anything. And Cas, trying desperately to make it up to him by bullying the virgin *eye roll* for pie. I like his simple statement that he wrecked heaven, he will take the responsibility of making it right again. That is... a responsible thing to do.

On the other hand, angels continue to be dicks, even if they are from secretarial pool. I wonder if they are setting up Naomi as the next Crowley for season 9, if season 9 is about closing heaven.

Abaddon is awesome. Her hand is creepy as hell, and it did not help matters that I went to a seminar today on spinal-computer interface, where they showed a woman paralyzed under the neck moving an robotic arm around via arrays of electrodes implanted in her motor cortex. It's the single most amazing and creepiest thing that I've ever seen. Anyway, she is pissed that Crowley the salesman is now king of hell, I wonder what she'd do about it.

And the special effects are seriously gross.

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gateslacker May 17th, 2013
What are you testing? The suspense is killing me. LOL

fourtenpm May 18th, 2013
well, my work blocked lj, but I got stuff like reply to comments forwarded to my email. then it says if my mail client supports it, I can reply from my email. so, I was testing if it indeed supports it. and it does.

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